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Lower Odertal National Park

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Excursion to the Lower Odertal National Park

The Lower Odertal National Park is the only floodplain national park in Germany and is within easy reach of our country hotel in Felchow. It is home to numerous rare animal and plant species and is increasingly becoming an attraction for nature-based and sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism in the Auenlandschaft

Our partnership with the Lower Odertal National Park is one of numerous nationwide nature tourism partner initiatives that work according to minimum standards of the umbrella organization EUROPARC Deutschland e. V.. With the aim of being able to enjoy nature, culture and regional products at uniformly high quality levels throughout the country.

We also want to run our house as a nature tourism partner in harmony with the region and original nature of the Uckermark.

Unique and crossing borders

The Lower Odertal National Park covers an area of 10,323 ha and was inaugurated in 1995 as a sub-area of the Lower Odertal International Park. As the first transboundary protection zone with Poland, it stretches along the Oder River on both the German and Polish sides for about 60 km.

The heart of the Lower Odertal National Park is the floodplain landscape with its intact polder areas. The regular floods correspond to a near-natural floodplain that has been able to reestablish itself as a habitat for a variety of species, beyond management or human intervention. The positive effects of large natural floodplains were particularly evident in the 1997 Odra flood.

A path through the Lower Odertal National Park

Destination nature

A section of the Oder-Neisse Cycle Route runs directly through the national park, which can be experienced directly here in the truest sense of the word. Summer is a great time to hike the trails in the polders or even take the frog’s perspective and discover the Odertal by boat from the water.

For example, with certified canoe guide from Flusslandschaft-Reisen, which, like our Landhotel Felchow, is also an official partner of the National Park.

Good to know:

  • In autumn thousands of cranes visit the Lower Odertal National Park
  • In January and February, hundreds of rare Whooper Swans get in the mood for spring before heading to northern Europe.
  • The National Park forms a spatial unit with the adjacent Polish Landscape Park Lower Odertal (Park Krajobrazowy Dolina Dolnej Odry) and the Zehden Landscape Park (Cedynski Park Krajobrazowy).
  • The Lower Odertal National Park Visitor Center is housed in the manor buildings at Criewen Castle in Schwedt/Oder OT Criewen. In the exhibition, the Auenlandschaft can also be discovered and experienced interactively.

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Insider tip for the Lower Odertal National Park:

A climb to the viewpoint Richterberg, near the village (above) Stützkow. From the observation tower (cliff), which can be seen from afar due to its idiosyncratic architecture, you have a beautiful all-round view of the Auenlandschaft. Approx. 20 minutes by bike from the Landhotel Felchow.

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