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Our national park partners

Strong partners for us

The partnership between the National Park Unteres Odertal and the regional touristic businesses is one of 18 nature-touristic-partnership-initiatives in Germany, which operate by the same guide lines. The aim is to work together for a sustainable touristic development in the national park region and to form networks. The partners include businesses from the hotel and restaurant industry, canoe and nature guides, the Uckermark public transport company and various businesses offering leisure activities.

As such a partner of the national park Unteres Odertal the LANDHOTEL FELCHOW lives and works after its very principles and guide lines. We are supporting the protection of our natural environment by focusing on sustainable ways of running our business. We guarantee you – that like the other partners – the standard of the nature, culture, regional produce and our services are from the highest quality.

We achieve a smaller carbon foot print for example with our own mini climate-friendly block-heat-and-power-plant which we use to produce the heat and power for all our rooms, the restaurant and breakfast room.

Furthermore we focus on a water-saving methods and energy efficient lighting throughout the hotel.