Around Felchow - nature and culture

It is worth it

The Uckermark is not only great when it comes to natural beauty but it also convinces with its many cultural events.

Our tip: Combine both – nature and culture to create a very special holiday experience.

The biggest event provider of the region is the Uckermärkischen Bühnen Schwedt (Uckermark Stages Schwedt) with a huge number of annual happenings. The theatre attracts 100.000 visitors each year with its very own acting ensemble. During the summer the Odertal Festival with theatre plays, concerts and shows takes place in the European Hugenottenpark.  You can reach the theatre from our LANDHOTE FELCHOW with the TheaterBus shuttle from the Uckermark transport company (Uckermärkische Verkehrsgesellschaft) which also drops you back at the hotel after your night out.

The Uckermark with is rich history and divine landscapes became home to many artists – hence a tour through the regional galleries and artist studios can be very inspiring. During the summer season many places invite you to take part in city and town festivals. The Uckermark Music Summer turns the region into a gigantic concert hall, at many lakes you can enjoy open-air concerts, in Lychen a special music raft starts its lake journey every Wednesday from June-August… whatever your preferences are in the Uckermark everyone will find their very own personal highlight.